Not Just an “Oops,” But it’s Gross!

I’ve said it before, check your words and content because you might just find yourself inviting trouble. Maybe even from a state regulatory agency.

Case in point: a supermarket in Michigan which, like most grocers today, has a display of serve-yourself bagels, doughnuts and other pastries.

As consumers, we hope that other shoppers select their baked items using proper protocol. After all, who wants a germy hand touching all the other goodies in the bin? Certainly not me!

I’m not so sure, though, about this particular grocer who appears to encourage not only sharing germs, but a little sampling of the product – as evidenced by the poorly worded sign that states:

Please use tongue or tissue paper when making your selection. Thank u.

Oops. Big difference between tongue and tongs!

My other pet peeve related to the sign: you’re not texting a close friend, you are talking to consumers of your goods. Please take the time and write out the entire word.