Is it Time to Let Go of the Reins and Outsource Some Services?

I have enough attitude at times to think that I can do it all. However, as I grow more “mature,” I realize that not only am I unable to do it all, I really don’t want to. Furthermore, who has the time?

I don’t have the skills or desire to do my own taxes. I don’t want to change the oil in my car, I can’t do my own nails or add highlights to my hair … you get my drift!

My point is that we should know where our strengths and capabilities lie and that if help is needed, we should ask for it. It’s not always easy to delegate and if we don’t have internal support staff to pass tasks on to, then it’s time for the next best thing. That’s when we reach out to an outside consultant or professional who has the knowledge and expertise that we don’t have.

An article, How to Build a Better Business with Outsourcing, posted on provides great information for business owners on this very concept. Whether outsourcing IT functions, human resources, bookkeeping, copywriting and other such needs, doing so will help the business function and grow.

Each of us has skills that are unique and marketable. By focusing on what we do best and outsourcing those areas where we are not skilled, we can better see the bigger picture – and help the business thrive financially.