Hang Your Hat on the Right Words!

Do words accurately reflect the hat you may be wearing? If not, then find the words you need.

I bill myself as a “word writer” because to only say I am a writer does a disservice to my skills. It’s not enough to merely write the words – you have to know the right words to use, which I do; thus the word writer distinction.

Case in point: I met with a client this morning who is a national presenter of a wide range of programs to schools, businesses, organizations and more. He is involved in a new endeavor that will reach civic leaders, government officials, first responders and military, educators, business owners, the clergy and others that have a strong impact within a specific community.

In discussing the program that will be offered, he referred to himself as the emcee – which to me implies he is more a Master of Ceremonies, the one making the introductions of others who will speak. However, after reviewing some of his materials, I realized that he is doing a disservice to his skills by using the word emcee when in actuality, he developed the program and in fact is the primary speaker.

It didn’t take long for him to understand that “presenter and facilitator” were more indicative of his true role and adjust thinking – and his words – accordingly.

Just some food for thought.

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