Not Just an “Oops,” But it’s Gross!

I’ve said it before, check your words and content because you might just find yourself inviting trouble. Maybe even from a state regulatory agency. Case in point: a supermarket in Michigan which, like most grocers today, has a display of serve-yourself bagels, doughnuts and other pastries. As consumers, we hope that other shoppers select their […]

Hang Your Hat on the Right Words!

Do words accurately reflect the hat you may be wearing? If not, then find the words you need. I bill myself as a “word writer” because to only say I am a writer does a disservice to my skills. It’s not enough to merely write the words – you have to know the right words […]

How’s Your Style?

It’s disconcerting when I see any form of printed communication with obvious disregard of format and style, and it bugs me even more to see this in business materials. The message could be brilliant and well-crafted, but if the overall presentation of the material is sloppy, that message could be weakened – and opportunity lost. […]

Say What?

There’s a website for everything and since I have blogger’s block today, I decided to go online for some inspiration. I didn’t have to go too far. Below is a list of news headlines that are described as “confusing.” You think? I would say that ambiguity prevails with these. I’m not sure if I am […]

Choose Your Words Wisely

Do your written promotional materials reflect the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHY of your business message? You may not need a press release or media advisory to tell your story – however, your print or online collateral materials should clearly convey the right message. Your marketing materials should reflect professionalism and attention to detail. […]